Jared Hopgood


Finding the right lender and mortgage product is equally as important as finding the right Real Estate Agent to represent you during your transaction.  Choosing the wrong lender can be the difference between moving into your dream home and having your dream home slip through your fingers at the last minute.

The first step in the process is to get pre-qualified.  This pre-qualification is critical for you to understand how much home you can buy.  There is nothing worse that looking at the beautiful chef's kitchen in a home that you find out later is out of your price range.  Take it from me, every kitchen you see after that will pale in comparrison even though they may be more affordable. 

Most banks offer loans for buyers with fantastic credit, large cash reserves and very little debt-to-income ratio.  The reality is most buyers aren't perfect and may find themselves lacking in one area or another.  This is where a good and resourceful lender can truly make your dreams come true.  There are a mind numbing amount of different mortgages available to home buyers.  A good lender will be able to sort through all of these products to find the loan that best meets your needs.